Seyedehmahsa (also called Mahsa) received her BSc in Software Engineering from Alzahra University Tehran, Iran, in 2014. During her undergraduate studies, she designed and implemented a real-time eye gaze tracking system using the pattern recognition methods under supervision of Dr. Reza Azmi . In 2015, she joined the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Security (CIISE) where she completed her MASc thesis under supervision of Dr. Jeremy Clark. During her MASc, she worked on a research project that applied blockchain technologies (smart contracts written in Solidity and deployed on Ethereum) to simplify the web certificate trust model. She published and presented her research work at the 2018 Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts (co-located with Financial Cryptography Conference). Mahsa is currently pursuing her PhD studies at the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Security (CIISE) under supervision of Dr. Jeremy Clark, where her research is focused on Fin-Tech (financial applications of the Blockchain technology). In Summer 2018, she was a research intern at The Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF) , Montreal, Canada. In April 2019, she received the Fonds de Recherche du Quebec - Nature et technologies - doctoral research scholarship.
Mahsa has been a teaching assistant for several graduate courses at Concordi University, has written external reviews for conference papers (Financial Cryptography and Data Security, IEEE Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology, Blockchain and Sharing Economy Applications, IEEE Security & Privacy on the Blockchain, etc.), and has given quite a few tutorials to the broader blockchain community.
She is currently serving as a department representative at the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) (September 2018-now). This volunteer position entails her to attend the CIISE department's council meetings held every month. She takes a lead on representing students on strategic departmental issues by maintaining a bidirectional communication channel between students and their own department.

Mahsa has particpated as a Blockchain mentor/expert in several Montreal's Fin-Tech competitions:

She has also participated in the Concordia's Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Association (ECSGA) election and was elected as a Vice President of Finance for the academic year of 2016-2017. During her mandate, she was in charge of administration of all the funds at ECSGA accrues, managing the ECSGA disbursements, chairing the budget committee, organizing the ECSGA's events (CCNA workshop, Primavera P6 workshop, Mont-Tremblant trip, Charlevoix Whale Watching trip, etc.) and presenting quarterly reports on the financial statement of accounts to the ECSGA council.