Susan Liscouët-Hanke

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

Concordia University


1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West, EV12.183
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3G 1M8

+1-514-848-2424 ext. 3848


Research topics:



Open Positions

No open positions at the moment. However, excellent candidates with background in aircraft systems can submit their applications.


Current research projects:

§  Aircraft systems architecting methodologies for more electric, hybrid and unconventional vehicles (NSERC - Discovery Grant)

§  Multi-level modeling methodologies for aircraft thermal architecture optimization (Project with Bombardier Inc., funded by MITCAS)

§  Partner in EU project AGILE4.0Towards cyber-physical collaborative aircraft development

§  Investigation of the feasibility of an auxiliary photovoltaic system for aircraft

§  Model-based methodologies for the conceptual design of aircraft systems architectures

o   Investigating MBSE frameworks for large design space exploration

o   Prototype Tool for Aircraft System Architecture Design Space Exploration

Completed projects:


§  Winning team of the AGILE Academy Challenge – (Aircraft 3rd generation MDO for innovative collaboration of heterogeneous teams of experts)

§  Generic model-based development of test means for flight control systems using variability (Project with Thales Canada Inc., funded by MITACS)

§  MBSE Methodology for Implementation of Networked Aircraft Control Systems on Distributed Integrated Modular Architecture (XDIMA) – Environmental Control System (Project with Bombardier Inc., funded by MITCAS)


§  Investigation of value of Model-Based Systems Engineering approach for the conceptual design of advanced aircraft high-lift system architectures (Project with Bombardier Aerospace, funded by MITACS)


Research Team Members:


§  Dr. Florian Sanchez (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

§  Andrew Jeyaraj (PhD in progress)

§  Vijesh Mohan (PhD in progress)

§  Andrea Cartile (PhD in progress) – co-supervision with Dr. Catharine Marsden (NCADE)

§  Abdul Malik Huzaifa (MASc in progress)

§  Carlos Rodriguez (MASc in progress)

§  Mohammadreza Sadri (MASc in progress) – co-supervision with Dr. Catharine Marsden (NCADE)



§  Andrew Jeyaraj (MASc)

§  Noah Sadaka (B Eng)

§  Hasti Jahanara (MASc)

§  Prince George Mathew (MASc)

§  Ezhil Shakti Murugesan (MASc)

§  Olivier Bigo (M Eng) – summer research project

§  Pierre-Marie Gaudry (visiting student, INSA Toulouse, France)

§  Alan Padilla Martinez (Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering)

§  Bharani Raj Mohan (MEng Aerospace)

§  Prince Nelson (MEng Aerospace)

§  Vikram Shanmugiah Mathisa (MEng Mechanical Engineering)

§  Priya Dharshini Muthu (MEng Aerospace)


Last update: Oct 30, 2019