Susan Liscouët-Hanke, Eng., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

Concordia University


1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West, EV12.183
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3G 1M8


Research topics:



Open Positions

NEW: Post-Doctoral Fellowship available for up to 3 years! See posting here.

Currently, all other funded graduate student positions are filled. However, if you are interested in aircraft systems and conceptual design, in a PhD or a research internship (incl. Co-op) or an M.Eng term project, please contact me.

Excellent candidates with a background and interest in aerospace engineering can submit their application to

Complete applications contain the following documents

• Email with your motivation and relevant experience

• Complete and up-to-date CV

• Up-to-date transcript of your current and last degree

• Recent publication or sample of technical writing skills (i.e. extract of project report, term paper)

Suitable candidates must be committed to high-quality research, willing to develop excellent communication skills and comfortable working in a research lab requiring teamwork and collaboration with international partners.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In the Aircraft Systems Lab is an inclusive research environment. Applications from all qualified candidates are encouraged, including women, members of visible minorities, Indigenous persons, members of sexual minorities, persons with disabilities, and others who may contribute to diversification; candidates are invited to self-identify in their application.


Please check Concordia’s admission requirements before submitting your application.


Current research projects:

§  AGILE4.0Towards cyber-physical collaborative aircraft development

§  MDAO-Next-Gen - Developing next-generation multi-disciplinary design, analysis, and optimization capabilities for next-generation aircraft (funded by NSERC, CRIAQ and Bombardier Aviation)

§  Aircraft systems architecting methodologies for more electric, hybrid, and unconventional vehicles (NSERC - Discovery Grant)

§  Investigation of the feasibility of an auxiliary photovoltaic system for aircraft

§  Model-based methodologies for the conceptual design of aircraft systems architectures

o   Investigating MBSE frameworks for large design space exploration

o   Prototype Tool for Aircraft System Architecture Design Space Exploration

Completed projects:

§  2017-2019: Multi-level modeling methodologies for aircraft thermal architecture optimization (Project with Bombardier Inc., funded through MITCAS Elevate)

§  Winning team of the AGILE Academy Challenge – (Aircraft 3rd generation MDO for innovative collaboration of heterogeneous teams of experts)

§  Generic model-based development of test means for flight control systems using variability (Project with Thales Canada Inc., funded by MITACS)

§  MBSE Methodology for Implementation of Networked Aircraft Control Systems on Distributed Integrated Modular Architecture (XDIMA) – Environmental Control System (Project with Bombardier Inc., funded by MITACS)

§  Investigation of the value of Model-Based Systems Engineering approach for the conceptual design of advanced aircraft high-lift system architectures (Project with Bombardier Aerospace, funded by MITACS)


Research Team Members:


§  Andrew Jeyaraj (PhD in progress)

§  Andrea Cartile (PhD in progress) – co-supervision with Dr. Catharine Marsden (NCADE)

§  Sravankumar Kota (PhD in progress)

§  Vijesh Mohan (MASc in progress)

§  Carlos Rodriguez (MASc in progress)

§  Nikta Tabesh (MASc in progress)

§  Enes Kolip (MASc in progress)

§  Parush Bamrah (MASc in progress)

§  Gala Licheva (Ugrad research assistant)



§  Zachary Heit (ENGR412)

§  Gala Licheva (UGrad research internship, NSERC USRA, ENGR412)

§  Sandrine Sélim (UGrad research internship, NSERC USRA, ENGR412)

§  Dante Raso (UGrad, ENGR412)

§  Tanmay Bhise (MEng project, Research Assistant)

§  Abdul Malik Huzaifa (MASc)

§  Dr. Florian Sanchez (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

§  Mohammadreza Sadri (MASc -on hold) – co-supervision with Dr. Catharine Marsden (NCADE)

§  Marc-Antoine Proulx (UGrad, ENGR412)

§  Richard El Chaar (UGrad – summer internship – CUSRA, Research Assistant)

§  Alec Thaemlitz (UGrad – summer internship – NSERC USRA)

§  Nikta Tabesh (MEng project)

§  Andrew Jeyaraj (MASc)

§  Noah Sadaka (B Eng – CUSRA, Research Assistant)

§  Hasti Jahanara (MASc)

§  Prince George Mathew (MASc)

§  Ezhil Shakti Murugesan (MASc)

§  Olivier Bigo (M Eng) – summer research project

§  Saroj Kumar Nahak (undergrad summer research project – Mitacs Globalink)

§  Pierre-Marie Gaudry (visiting student, INSA Toulouse, France)

§  Alan Padilla Martinez (Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering - CUSRA)

§  Bharani Raj Mohan (MEng Aerospace)

§  Prince Nelson (MEng Aerospace)

§  Vikram Shanmugiah Mathisa (MEng Mechanical Engineering)

§  Priya Dharshini Muthu (MEng Aerospace)


Last update: Aug 12, 2022