My goal is to perform high quality research and publish in the highest impact conferences and journals in computer graphics and related disciplines.

I am cultivating an open and supportive style of supervision designed to inspire and stimulate the creativity of my students so they, in turn, can produce the best possible work.

I provide conceptual support: discussing the research questions in an analytical way exercising critical thinking; technical support: helping with the algorithmic and implementation details; and access to state of the art computing and lab facilities.


I expect my students to perform original research that contributes to the advances of the state of the art and can be published in high-impact conferences and journals.

Technical Background

In order to perform research in computer graphics the students are expected to have outstanding theoretical knowledge in Mathematics, good background in Physics, exceptional programming and problem solving skills and advanced knowledge of C/C++, Python and Matlab.

Next steps

I rarely reply to unsolicited e-mails. If you want to get my attention, solve this problem first, and then send me an e-mail with the subject line "Got It" attaching your Resume and solution as a text file main.cpp. Here is a simple test case and answer . Your Resume should emphasize: computer graphics, programming, Math and Physics expertize.