1. Purpose

The ASME-CIE Graduate Research Poster session is an opportunity for graduate students in the preliminary phase of their research programs (within 1 year of starting an MS or within 2 years of starting a PhD) to present their current work to the CIE research community. This session provides the students a chance to obtain external feedback on their preliminary research that may not yet be ready for presentation at the conference in archival form. The poster session is organized by ASME’s Computers and Information in Engineering division (CIE) and will be held during the 2019 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference in Anaheim, CA, during August 18-21, 2019. The exact date, time, and location of the poster session will be announced in the conference program.

2. Scope of the Research Posters

The research should be relevant to the areas that are of interest to CIE, i.e., it should address computers and information in engineering, either through the development of new formal representations, languages, software programs, or applications and evaluations of engineering software, or empirical studies on engineering software. The areas of interest to CIE include:

3. Travel Stipends and Eligibility

The ASME Computers and Information in Engineering (CIE) division will offer stipends (the amount and number are to be confirmed) to support graduate students attending the 2019 CIE conference in Anaheim, CA and presenting their research posters.

Poster submissions reflecting relevant and high quality research will be favored in the awarding process.

To be eligible for a stipend, the student must be attending a university or college as a graduate student at the time of the 2019 CIE Conference and must be a student member of ASME. Awardees of the CIE stipends are required to attend the conference and present the poster as a condition of the award. The stipends are normally released after the conference by cheques.

4. Important Dates

5. Submission of Abstract and Application

All interested applicants will need to submit a complete application for evaluation fist.

5.1 What to Submit

  1. Application: Use page 1 of the template and save as a separate pdf.
  2. Abstract: Use pages 2-3 of the template and save as a separate pdf.
  3. Reference letter from advisor: Use appropriate institutional letterhead and save as a separate pdf.

For the application, descriptions of the CIE technical committees are available here.

The abstract could include additional sections or subsections beyond those provided in the template. Please do not change the document's appearance, e.g., margins, font styles or font sizes, for the sake of uniformity in print. The abstract should not exceed 5 pages, including references.

The reference letter from the applicant’s research advisor should express the advisor’s support to the application. This letter must also state (1) the applicant’s eligibility, (2) the total expected cost of the applicant’s travel to the conference, (3) other sources of support available for traveling to the conference, and (4) how the stipend will be spent to bridge the gap between the two.

5.2. How to Submit

Prepare one PDF file containing the three components and submit on the IDETC2019 website.
In the submission form, you will need to select

You will need to submit a typed abstract to enable the PDF submission page (through Submit Draft Paper).
For assistance with submitting your abstract online, please email toolboxhelp@asme.org.

6. Submission of Updated Abstract and Draft Poster

Only the successful applicants will need to prepare a poster, upon receiving the notification of their posters’ acceptance.

6.1. What to Submit

Submit the following two components:

  1. Poster: Use the provided template as a starting point
  2. Updated abstract: This version might be included in the proceedings.
The poster should contain, at a minimum, the following sections:

The size of the poster should be approximately 71 cm (W) x 91.5 cm (H). Only one page is allowed. Additional sections may include software architecture, information models, experimental descriptions, algorithm flow charts, etc.

6.2. How to Submit

Create one PDF, containing the poster and the updated abstract, and send the PDF to Dr. Tsz Ho Kwok by email (tszho.kwok AT concordia.ca).

6.3. How to Present Poster

The applicant is responsible for bringing the printed poster to the conference, ready to be mounted on easels or backing boards. Poster printing services will not be provided by the organizers.

7. Download

Templates of application, abstract and poster can be downloaded below:

8. Contact Information

Dr. Tsz Ho Kwok

Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8, Canada

Phone: +1 (514) 848-2424 #3807
Email: tszho.kwok AT concordia.ca

Concordia University Montreal