List of accepted papers at Africacrypt 2020

The proceedings of Africacrypt 2020 can be accessed from here.

QA-NIZK Arguments of Same Opening for Bilateral Commitments [Slides]

Carla Rfols and Javier Silva

Signatures of Knowledge for Boolean Circuits Under Standard Assumptions [Slides]

Karim Baghery, Alonso Gonzlez, Zaira Pindado, and Carla Rfols

LESS is More: Code-Based Signatures Without Syndromes [Slides]

Jean-Franois Biasse, Giacomo Micheli, Edoardo Persichetti, and Paolo Santini

UC Updatable Databases and Applications [Slides]

Aditya Damodaran and Alfredo Rial

Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Tweakable TWINE [Slides]

Mohamed Tolba, Muhammad ElSheikh, and Amr M. Youssef

MixColumns Coefficient Property and Security of the AES with A Secret S-Box [Slides]

Xin An, Kai Hu, and Meiqin Wang

New Results on the SymSum Distinguisher on Round-Reduced SHA3 [Slides]

Sahiba Suryawanshi, Dhiman Saha, and Satyam Sachan

Cryptanalysis of FLEXAEAD [Slides]

Mostafizar Rahman, Dhiman Saha, and Goutam Paul

BBB Secure Nonce Based MAC Using  Public Permutations   [Slides]  [Video]

Avijit Dutta and Mridul Nandi

On Adaptive Attacks Against Jao-Urbaniks Isogeny-Based Protocol [Slides]

Andrea Basso, Pter Kutas, Simon-Philipp Merz, Christophe Petit, and Charlotte Weitkmper

       A SAT-Based Approach for Index Calculus on Binary Elliptic Curves [Slides]

    Monika Trimoska, Sorina Ionica, and Gilles Dequen

    Hash-Based Signatures Revisited: A Dynamic FORS with Adaptive Chosen Message Security [Slides]

    Mahmoud Yehia, Riham AlTawy, and T. Aaron Gulliver

    LMS vs XMSS: Comparison of Stateful Hash-Based Signature Schemes on ARM Cortex-M4  [Slides]

    Fabio Campos, Tim Kohlstadt, Steffen Reith, and Marc Stttinger

    Round Optimal Secure Multisignature Schemes from Lattice with Public Key Aggregation and Signature Compression [Slides]

    Meenakshi Kansal and Ratna Dutta

    Sieve, Enumerate, Slice, and Lift: Hybrid Lattice Algorithms for SVP via CVPP [Slides]

    Emmanouil Doulgerakis, Thijs Laarhoven, and Benne de Weger

    Online Template Attack on ECDSA: Extracting Keys via the Other Side  [Slides]

    Niels Roelofs, Niels Samwel, Lejla Batina, and Joan Daemen

    When Similarities Among Devices Are Taken for Granted: Another Look at Portability [Slides] [Video]

    Unai Rioja, Lejla Batina, and Igor Armendariz

    A Tale of Three Signatures: Practical Attack of ECDSA with wNAF [Slides]  [Video]

    Gabrielle De Micheli, Rmi Piau, and Ccile Pierrot

    Attacking RSA Using an Arbitrary Parameter  [Slides]

    Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin, Amir Hamzah Abd Ghafar and Muhammad Asyraf Asbullah

    A New Encoding Algorithm for a Multidimensional Version of the Montgomery Ladder [Slides]

            Aaron Hutchinson and Koray Karabina

    New Ideas to Build Noise-Free  Homomorphic Schemes  [Slides]
        Gerald Gavin and Sandrine Tainturie