SAC 2014 Program

The preliminary schedule can be downloaded from here

Invited Speakers:

Pierrick Gaudry: NFS: similarities and differences between integer factorization and discrete logarithm.

Abstract: The Number Field Sieve is the best known algorithm for factoring integers and for computing discrete logarithms in finite fields of larg characteristic. Although the theoretical complexity is the same in both cases, the linear algebra step is much harder in the discrete logarithm case. On the other hand, non-prime finite fields have more structure and several practical improvements can be used. In this talk, we will try to quantify the relative difficulties of integer factorization, discrete logarithm in a prime field, and discrete logarithm in a field of the form GF(p^2). Our discussion will be based on practical experiments for 600 bits inputs. While this size is now more or less routine for integer factorization, this sets new records for discrete logarithm in finite fields of large characteristic.
This talk is based on joint works with Bouvier, Imbert, Jeljeli, Thomé,
Barbulescu, Guillevic, Morain.

Alfred Menezes: Scott Vanstone and the Early Years of Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Nigel Smart: Practical Multi-Party Computation