Concordia University
Wireless Design Laboratory

The Wireless design lab is a facility to support industry with the latest technology. It was established in late 2008 to improve Research and Development in areas of digital, embedded microcontrollers and wireless technologies for medical, industrial and security markets. Located in downtown Montreal, this lab and its team of experienced designers, is organized especially for your R&D project. From wireless technology to sensor interfaces and software development, your project moves methodically from concept to reality using up-to-date design processes.

Why pay the high cost of set-up staffing and maintaining your own engineering department. At a fraction of this cost you can have an experienced team of hardware and software engineers and support staff in a well-equipped facility dedicated to designing, prototyping, and manufacturing support of your invention or product. Even if your company already has an engineering department, consider the the benefits of outsourcing new project concepts without disturbing your staff's primary assignments. The Wireless Design Lab is your most effective solution, because when the project is complete there is no on-going salary and overhead expenses.


Digital System Design

Wireless Design Laboratory is equipted with the facilities to do the required simulations and design for the Digital Systems.

Utilizing the Computer Aided Design Softwares we have the ability to use a hardware description language, simulation, and a logic synthesis tool in the design and verification of digital circuits.

Signal Processing Analysis

Signal Processing has a lot of demands in real-world electronics applications,varying from simple signal manipulation to complicated calculations and algorithms.

Wireless Design Laboratory has a great experience in design and implementation of Singal Processing Systems.Based on our portfolio,We are proud to announce that this group is ready to present solutions for different kind of academic and industrial projects.

Wireless Communication Design

Wireless Design Laboratory is equipted with required equipments to perform different sorts of simuations of a communication system. Also with the use of equipments,this lab offers test solutions that address present and future test technology challenges.

The design and test solutions focus on the higher-capacity capabilities needed to address increased peak data rates with multiple technologies, including Carrier Aggregation, enhanced use of multi-antenna techniques, and enhanced uplink for next-generation wireless device R&D and manufacturing.