ECE Concordia Univ.


Welcome to Dr. Hamou-Lhadj's teaching page.

List of courses he usually teaches at Concordia University are listed below. The course outlines, materials, assignments, and other useful information are accessible through Moodle

  • COEN 6312: Model-Driven Software Engineering
  • COEN 345 : Software Testing and Validation
  • COEN 421 : Embedded Systems and Software Design
  • COEN 244 : Programming Methodology II
  • COEN 243 : Programming Methodology I
  • COEN 352 : Data Structures and AlgorithmsSoftware Maintenance and Evolution
Prior to joining Concordia, Dr. Hamou-Lhadj has taught several courses at the University of Ottawa, The School of Information Technology and Engineering and Telfer School of Business:
  • Advanced Software Design and Reengineering (4th year undergrad)
  • Software Architecture and Design (3rd year undegrad)
  • Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation (2nd year undergrad)
  • Introduction to Software Engineering (3rd undergrad)
  • Software Development for Large-Scale Systems (3rd year undergrad)
  • Introduction to Software Design (2nd year undergrad)
  • The C++ Programming Language (1st year undergrad)
  • Fundamentals of Software Design (1st year undergrad)
  • Computer Concepts for Business (1st year undergrad)
  • Organizational Performance (Business Process Management and Analytics) (MBA course)
  • Enterprise Modeling for E-Business (MBA course)
  • Electronic Commerce Architecture (MBA course)
  • Business Process Redesign (4th year undergrad)
  • Analysis and Development of Information Systems (3rd year undegrad)
  • Management of Information Systems (2nd year undergrad)

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