In Conjunction with ANT 2010


September 19-21, 2011

Niagara falls, Canada



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Recent years have seen an increasing interest in autonomic computing, which is about computing systems that can manage themselves given high-level objectives from administrators. The objective of this new computing paradigm is to manage massive and complex computing systems that go well beyond the capability of IT professionals. Such a complexity is derived from the following: 1) the need to integrate several heterogeneous software environments into one cooperative computing system; 2) the rapid stream of changing, as well as conflicting, demands at runtime requiring a timely and decisive response; and 3) the difficulty in anticipating and designing all the interactions among the elements of unpredictable, diverse, and interconnected systems. Autonomic computing is strongly related to autonomous computing where system components are autonomous software agents.

The aim of this workshop is to highlight the interaction between these two computing paradigms. The workshop also welcomes contributions addressing only one of these two paradigms, for example using autonomic/autonomous computing to implement self-* properties. Theoretical foundations of autonomic/autonomous computing (for example, game theory, category theory, argumentation theory, etc.) and applications (web services and service computing, social networks, etc.) are of special interest for this workshop.