In Conjunction with AAMAS 2010

Tuesday May 11, 2010

Toronto, Canada



Call for Papers
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Call for Papers

You are cordially invited to submit papers to:

Workshop on Agent Communication at the International Joint Conference on Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2010), Toronto, Canada, May 10-11, 2010

Agent communication research seeks to address challenges in the development of open multiagent systems. Open systems consist of multiple autonomous and heterogeneous agents who communicate in order to exchange or negotiate information, knowledge, and services. As such, advances in agent communication are critical to advances in the software engineering of applications as diverse as business processes, negotiation and argumentation, virtual organizations, e-governance, collaborative design, and so on.

We invite quality submissions that develop new insights, high-level abstractions, patterns, languages, formal theories, reasoning, and methodologies for agent communication. We will also appreciate submissions concerning experiences in application development, programming language and tool support, and communication middleware. Proposals for standardization are also welcome.

Specifically, the workshop's focus includes, but not limited to, the following topics in relation to agent communication:

  • Languages (ACLs)
  • Protocols
  • Dialogues
  • Argumentation
  • Virtual organizations, institutions
  • Commitments, norms, and other social concepts
  • Speech acts and illocutionary logic
  • Trust and deception
  • Correctness properties and verification
    • Compliance
    • Interoperability
    • Conformance, and so on
  • Relating agent communication to agent design and execution strategies
    • Game-theoretic
    • BDI
    • learning, and so on
  • Multiagent system architecture
  • Programming languages
  • Middleware
  • Patterns

The workshop will provide a great opportunity to discuss emerging techniques and identify future trends toward agent communication. The workshop will include an invited talk and one or more position statements by accomplished researchers. Printed copies of the proceedings will be available at the workshop. Selected papers from the proceedings will be published as a Springer LNCS volume or a special issue in a journal depending on the quality of papers.

Agent Communication 2010 workshop builds on:

1.  The Agents-99 workshop on Specifying and Implementing, LNCS 1916
2.  The IJCAI-99 workshop on Agent Communication Languages, LNCS 1916
3.  The Agent 2000 workshop on Agent Communication Languages
4.  The AAMAS 2002 workshop on Agent Communication Languages
5.  The AAMAS 2003 workshop on Agent Communication Languages LNAI 2922
6.  The AAMAS 2004 workshop on Agent Communication LNAI 3396
7.  The AAMAS 2005 workshop on Agent Communication LNAI 3859
8.  The AAMAS 2006 workshop on Agent Communication LNAI 3859

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