Smart Grid Security Positions




  • Power systems
  • Control theory
  • smart grid security
  • Cyber security
  • Microgrids


One postdoctoral fellowship and several Ph.D. and M. Sc. scholarships are available to conduct research on smart grid security in collaboration with Hydro-Quebec and Thales under the NSERC/Hydro-Quebec Thales Senior Industrial Research Chair in Smart Grid Security. The primary intent of this research chair is to explore the security of smart grid domains, components, devices and protocols to: (1) elicit the security requirements; (2) identify the attack surfaces together with the underlying vulnerabilities, threats and their cyber physical consequences; (3) propose practical and efficient detection, prevention, mitigation and recovery techniques and methodologies that will definitely harden and enhance the overall smart grid security. The planned research involves a great balance between theory and practice. The Computer Security Research Centre  is a centre for innovative research in cyber and cyber-physical security. It is funded by several provincial and federal granting agencies as well as industrial corporations and governmental organizations. It hosts a critical mass of professors and Ph.D./M. Sc. students working on several aspects of security research themes.  

Technical Skills

A good background in:

  • Cyber security
  • Power systems
  • Communication networks
  • Control theory

is definitely a plus. System and application programming skills are highly appreciated. Interested applicants are invited to email their transcript and CV to: debbabi AT



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