My research interests are in Mining Software Repositories, Software Quality Assurance, Software Maintenance, Empirical Software Engineering and Software Architecture. Currently, we have a few research projects that we are actively pursuing:

  1. Predicting High-Impact Defects. This project aims to develop techniques that are successful in detecting and understanding the most impacting software defects.
  2. Proactive Prediction and Mitigation of Risky Software Changes. This project aims to characterize, predict and propose mitigations for risky software changes in order to avoid defects before they are propagated into the code base.
  3. Studying the Quality Issues Facing Mobile Developers. This project aims to study the quality issues that face mobile development, in particular how these issues differ from traditional software development.
  4. Managing Technical debt. This project aims to detect, manage, and mitigate the different types of technical debt.

We are also working on many other projects related to mining software repositories. If you are interested in these projects, feel free to contact us.