bug, n: An elusive creature living in a program that makes it incorrect. The activity of "debugging", or removing bugs from a program, ends when people get tired of doing it, not when the bugs are removed.
  • "Datamation", January 15, 1984
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Tool demonstrations


  • Nikolaos Tsantalis, and Giri Panamoottil Krishnan, "Refactoring Clones: A New Perspective" 7th International Workshop on Software Clones (IWSC'2013), San Francisco, California, USA, May 19, 2013.


  • Kimberly Dextras-Romagnino, and Nikolaos Tsantalis, "Code Smell Visualization," Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER), 2013 Spring Meeting, Montréal, QC, Canada, June 17-18, 2013. [Best Poster Award]

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Nikolaos Tsantalis

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Concordia University
Office: EV3.112
Tel. Office: +1 514-848-2424 ext. 3020
E-mail: tsantalis `at ' cse dot concordia dot ca
Home URL : http://users.encs.concordia.ca/~nikolaos/

Alexander Chatzigeorgiou

Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia
Office: 425
Tel. Office: +30 2310 891886
E-mail: achat `at ' uom dot gr
Home URL : http://users.uom.gr/~achat/

Theodoros Chaikalis

CCSE Lab @ the Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia
Office: 327
Tel. Office: +30 2310 891706
E-mail: chaikalis `at ' java dot uom dot gr
Home URL : http://se.uom.gr/~teohaik/

Marios Fokaefs

SSRG Lab @ the Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
Office: ATH 4-52
E-mail: fokaefs 'at ' ualberta dot ca
Home URL : http://hypatia.cs.ualberta.ca/~fokaefs

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