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    fungi: legal, law, litigation, insurance issues

    Molds in buildings become so prominent as to frequent in media and court houses. "Damages in mold claims consist of both property damage claims and personal injury claimsĄ­ damage claims can include remediation expenses, costs for mold testing and inspection, attorney fees, punitive damages and claims for medical monitoring." -This link was checked on Dec. 2006APA

    Mold was responsible for the insurance industry paying $1.3 billion in claims in 2001. -- Casarona, R. B. and Mcqueen, A. E., 2002, Legal issues involving mold contamination

    View a This link was checked on Dec. 2006court judgement by SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, and read a This link was checked on Dec. 2006comment on this judgement

    This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006US mold controversy by Crawford & Company

    This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Mold and home insurance. It may not be covered.

    This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Indoor Toxic Mold: A Mushrooming Problem?

    This link was checked on Dec. 2006Coping with the mold menace! some insurance companies started to exclude mold damage coverage.

    A good article on This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Mold Contamination Litigation: Is Its Bark Worse Than Its Bite? by Jeffrey Alitz, Esquire

    This link was checked on Dec. 2006The Mould (Litigation) Epidemic Third Party Mould Claims in Canada by Wilson Clark of a BC law firm.

    This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Mold Claims Legislation and liability trends by James G. Koustras, 2003 on Engineered Wood Journal.. "Nationwide (US), mold claims have more than doubled from $1 billion in 2001 to an estimated $2.5 billion in 2002, according to the Insurance Information Institute".

    Web Links (6): Notes
      This link was checked on Dec. 2006mold and law
      an excellent site on issues of insurance, law and litigation issues of molds; links to molds in homes, schools, and buildings;

      This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006mold info and articles by a law firm
      images of molds, article from law viewpoint, and many links to other sites

      This link has not been checked.Mold

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Mold Links - PLRB
      by Property Loss Research Bureau -- a not-for-profit, national association at the leading edge of claims information.

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006MoldUpdate
      "the mold issue, including litigation, legislation, regulations, media coverage, mold science, expert witness services, maintained by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Toxic Mold Legal Network
      An online mold litigation resource

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