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  • envelope damage
  • building science also blamed for BC leaky condo: BC leaky condos

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  • Barrett, D., (1998), The renewal of trust in residential construction: an inquiry into the quality of condominium construction in British Columbia

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    Building science was blamed by Barrett for BC building failures

    Source: Barret Report (Barrett, D., 1994)

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    In addition to economic pressures, climatic conditions, and a systemic failure of the building process, building science also played a role in bringing about this crisis of confidence. The factors related to technology, or building science, include:

    (i) a poorly interpreted building code;

    (ii) municipal by-laws that can lead to inappropriate design, exacerbated by architects, who do not understand the implications of their designs;

    (iii) the use of new materials without an understanding of how they will be affected by our climate;

    (iv) a loss of collective memory, and lack of conventional wisdom, among inspectors, architects, engineers, developers, and contractors regarding the requirements for effective building; and

    (v) ineffective communication and transfer of knowledge among the professionals and business people (who understand the issues), to others involved in the building process.

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