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Gagliano announces federal aid for leaky condo owners in lower coastal B.C

CMHC News Release, 1998-07-17

CMHC, (1998), Gagliano announces federal aid for leaky condo owners in lower coastal B.C, CMHC News Release, 1998-07-17.

The Honourable Alfonso Gagliano, Minister responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced today that bridge financing of up to $75 million over three years will be offered to the British Columbia government for its Reconstruction Fund. This Fund is being created in response to the recommendations of the Barrett Commission report on The Renewal of Trust in Residential Construction.

The commission of enquiry was created under the authority of the Government of British Columbia to examine the quality of residential construction in British Columbia with a particular focus on the leaky condo issue.

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