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Wood markets 2000 edition: the solid wood products outlook 2002 to 2006

International Wood Markets Research Inc
Vancouver, B.C

International Wood Markets Research Inc, (2000), Wood markets 2000 edition: the solid wood products outlook 2002 to 2006, Vancouver, B.C.
WOOD MARKETS 2002 has been prepared to meet the ever-changing dynamics of the solid wood products industry, its markets and its competitive threats. This 400-page report is the followup to Wood Markets 2000 and complements ongoing research provided in our newsletter, Wood Markets Monthly. Our 2002 Edition features a five-year outlook on lumber, plywood, OSB, MDF and particleboard and covers timber for the U.S., Canada and key international markets.

The Facts

An international data-base of important, difficult-to-source information, statistics and analysis on:

* Major trends in North American and Global wood markets.

* Identification of new supplier trends, both domestic and imported, as well as in alternative products.

* Summaries of supply and demand trends for logs, lumber, engineered wood and panels in North America and offshore markets.

* Identification of trends impacting the distribution channels.

The Forecasts

Our international travels, coupled with an extensive network of global contacts, provides industry stakeholders with:

Five-year forecasts on production and consumption in lumber and panel markets for the U.S. and Canada.

Timber supply outlook for North America and offshore regions.

Exporter trends by country to various markets.

Five-year forecasts on 12 lumber and six panel products.

The Figures

Wood Markets 2000 is designed to offer readers easy access to global market figures, information and forecasts by:

Displaying extensive historical data and forecasts in clear, concise graphs and summary tables.

Summarizing each chapter with the valuable Statistics-at-a-Glance section

Executive Summary

A condensed overview of forecasts, key issues and trends for busy executives.

Economics & International Trade

A critique of key North American and global economic forecasts, as well as trends impacting international wood products trade in the next millennium, includes:

Economic growth and housing start trends and forecasts for North America and key export markets in the Pacific Rim and Europe.

International trade summaries for the USA and selected offshore exporting and importing countries.

Timber Supply

Global timber supply dynamics continue to impact lumber and panel prices. Our review includes:

A summary of regional timber harvests in Canada, the USA and other offshore regions.

Global timber overview of timber harvests, exports and imports by country.

Summary of trends and issues impacting supply and demand in the next decade, including certified wood.

Softwood Lumber

Lumber continues to be the most volatile and unpredictable product of the international wood products' trade. Our extensive 75+ page chapter in WOOD Markets 2000 features analysis in a variety of USA issues, segments and offshore markets including:

The most complete and concise analysis of the American softwood lumber industry.

Detailed five-year forecast on production, import and export trends for Canada and the USA.

Export market outlook for North American and offshore suppliers.

Unique to WOOD Markets 2000: USA Lumber Segment Analysis by Product and End-Use Market: A variety of lumber products and end uses are profiled including studs, Decking, Siding, Mouldings, Doors, Windows, Pallets, Flooring, Boards, I-Joists, Engineered Wood, Wood and Non-Wood Substitutes, Distribution Channels, etc.

Canadian lumber imports and the Quota - outlook after 2001.

Five-year price forecasts on a dozen lumber products.

Structural Panel (OSB & Plywood)

The dynamics of softwood plywood and OSB continue to defy expectations. Our analysis to 2004 includes:

North American supply and demand revisited: how OSB production trends could kill the golden goose!

The five-year consumption outlook and its impact on plywood and LVL production.

Offshore export trends and markets for OSB and plywood vis-ид-vis stiff competition.

Five-year price forecasts for OSB and plywood.

Non-Structural Panels (MDF & Particleboard)

Excessive MDF capacity has yielded poor results for American and European producers. The trends underling the expected recovery in non-structural panel markets include:

A review of MDF and particleboard capacity in North America and globally.

Supply and demand balances for MDF and particleboard in the USA and Canada.

Five-year price forecasts for MDF and particleboard.

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