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Choosing between oriented strandboard and plywood

Fisette, P.
Building Material and Wood Technology,

Fisette, P., (1997), "Choosing between oriented strandboard and plywood", Building Material and Wood Technology,
Manufacturers of oriented strandboard and plywood claim both products work well. But using panels made of wood chips makes some builders nervous. Like it or not, osb will define the future of the structural sheathing market.

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"The issue for most builders who choose between plywood and osb is durability. Osb looks like, and is, a bunch of wood chips glued together. Detractors of osb are quick to say: "osb falls apart". This opinion has a familiar tone. Plywood suffered the same criticism not too long ago. Delamination of early plywood sheathings gave plywood a bad name. Many "old-timers" swore by solid board sheathing until the day they hung up their aprons. Not many builders share that view today.

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Fisette, P.
Paul Fisette Building Materials and Wood Technology, Dept. of Natural Resources Conservation, Univ. of Massachusetts, Holdsworth 120, Amherst, MA 01003
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