Design for Additive Manufacturing

Topics include design of freeform surface, complex structure, digital material, adaptive slicing, and topology optimization.

Design Tools
  • "An Interactive Product Customization Framework for Freeform Shapes", Y. Zhang, and T.H. Kwok, RPJ 2017.
  • "A Reverse Compensation Framework for Shape Deformation in Additive Manufacturing", K. Xu, T.H. Kwok, and Y. Chen, JCISE 2017.
  • "Geometric Analysis and Computation Using Layered Depth-Normal Images for Three-Dimensional Microfabrication", T.H. Kwok, Y. Chen, and C.C.L. Wang, 2016.
  • "A Structural Topology Design Method Based on Principal Stress Line", T.H. Kwok, Y. Li, and Y. Chen, CAD 2016.
  • Eder Silva Sales

Functional Design and Fabrication

Topics include mathematical modeling and simulation, design for self-reconfigure/assembly, lightweight structure, development of functional printing, and smart materials.

  • "Geometry-based Direct Simulation for Multi-Material Soft Robots", G. Fang, C.D. Matte, T.H. Kwok, and C.C.L. Wang, ICRA 2016.
  • "4D Printing of Composites", S.V. Hoa, M.D. Hoang, J. Fortin-Simposon, and T.H. Kwok, ICCM-21, 2017.
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  • "Four-Dimensional Printing for Freeform Surfaces: Design Optimization of Origami and Kirigami Structures", T.H. Kwok, C.C.L. Wang, D. Deng, Y. Zhang, and Y. Chen, JMD 2015.
  • Pantea Kooshki, Christopher M. Faria, George M. Touma


Topics include process monitoring and control systems, automation, robotics systems, self-optimize systems, and sensing systems.

  • "DNSS: Dual-Normal Space Sampling for 3D ICP Registration", T.H. Kwok, 2018.
  • "In-situ Droplet Inspection and Closed-Loop Control System using Machine Learning for Liquid Metal Jet Printing", T. Wang, T.H. Kwok, and C. Zhou, 2018.
  • "V4PCS: Volumetric 4PCS Algorithm for Global Registration", J. Huang, T.H. Kwok, and C. Zhou, JMD 2017.
  • "V4PCS: Volumetric 4PCS Algorithm for Global Registration", J. Huang, T.H. Kwok, and C. Zhou, JMD 2017.
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  • "Improved skeleton tracking by duplex Kinects: a practical approach for real-time applications", K.Y. Yeung, T.H. Kwok, and C.C.L. Wang, JCISE 2013.
  • Andrew Dafoe, Michael Pearson, Felix Trottier, Christopher-Denny Matte

Product Design & Customization

Topics include information reuse, mass customization, CAD, geometric and solid modeling, statistical learning, and medical devices.

  • "Mass Customization: Reuse of Digital Slicing for Additive Manufacturing", T.H. Kwok, H. Ye, Y. Chen, C. Zhou, and W. Xu, JCISE 2017.
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