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Industrial Projects Via Pigpentech.com

(Last update: Oct. 2014)

The projects developed by my company Pigpentech.com are all commercial projects. We have developed and managed online stores, online trade-in stores, static Web sites for our clients. We are good at developing one of one kind system with low cost. We also do SEO for the sites we develop.

Smart Entertainment Planner based on Service Discovery and Service Composition

(Last update: Feb. 2015)
Link: Hover the City

Software implementation: Yifei Zhang

Currently, most service discovery and service composition study focuses on electronic services only. Indeed, service computing should cover services of all kinds, from online electronically provisioned services to business services in our daily life, like restaurant and movie theatres. In this study, we have the following contribution: 1) service discovery techniques to discover all kinds of business services based on given context and business goals; 2) model soft constraints in service composition. Soft constraints are some constraints, unsatisfaction of which causes only penalties, not a failed plan; With soft constraints, we can have a business process more flexible. 3) service composition with real valued context model. We demonstrate our technique by developing an entertainment planner. We have both desktop and mobile version. The entertainment planner can discover services around your location automatically and suggests you activities according to your budget, and time constraints.

Web Service Discovery and Web Services Hub

(Last update: Feb. 2015)
Link: Web Service Discovery and Web Services Hub

Software implementation: Yucun Li and Hamed Mortazavi

We are testing techniques to discover and index Web services without UDDI. We are using several techniques to collect Web services, e.g. Web crawler, and exacting info from other indexing sites. We also allow the users to submit their services via Web UI or Web service interfaces. The results are shown in the service hub site. We are working on to test the QoS on the collected services and allow the users to rate them. You are welcome to use the data we have collected.

SOEN287 Web Programming Course Site and Course Project Demos

(Last update: Dec. 2012 )
Link: SOEN287 Web Programming Course Site and Course Project Demos

Software implementation: Jing Li (Ph.D. Candidate in Concordia) and other undergraduates in the course

Demo techniques: html, php, css, javascripts

A Web site for my course SOEN 287 Web Programming. To demo what my students are capable of after taking the course.

Mashup Home Libraries

(Offline, Last update: March, 2008 )
Software implementation: Suresh Jeyaverasingam (Undergraduate in UNB)

A Web service based tool to manage your personal collections, such as books, CDs and DVDs online. Try it out! user name: test and password: testAdmin.

Web service process diagnoser

(Offline, Last update Oct, 2007)
Software implementation: Suresh Jeyaverasingam (Undergraduate in UNB)

A Web service process may fail to complete due to faulty Web services. As these Web services belong to different organization and their internal behaviour is unknown to external world, diagnosing the causes of the failure is difficult. But if we can, we can charge a penalty to the faulty Web services and design automatic fault recover actions.

Current software technique offers the try-catch mechanism for fault handling. The software developer associates an exception with a fault at the design time. When an exception which causes the halt of the process is caught, we deduce that the associated faults have ever occurred. This method relies on the expertise of the software developer. The assumed cause of the exception may not be true. In this case, it is a false diagnosis. Or there are more causes of the exception, that the developer is not aware of. In this case, it is an incomplete diagnosis.

Our moel-based diagnosis approach automatically diagnose the causes of the exceptions in a Web service process. An automaton model is built for a Web service process described in an xml language called BPEL (Business Process execution Language). When an exception is received at the run time, the diagnosis function can give all real causes of the exception, i.e. giving a list of all possibly faulty Web services. This work collaborates with IRISA (France) and University of Paris (France).

The novelty of this approach
1) Avoid modeling the fault behaviour, i.e. you do not need to know how the process can be faulty. What you need is a process definition that describes what the right behaviour the process should be.
2) Give complete and sound diagnosis, i.e. a complete list of faulty Web services, and the list is guaranteed to be correct, in the sense of model-based reasoning.
3) Practically it can be used as a generic fault handling mechanism. It is especially useful when you have too many alarms or exceptions to enumerate in your process description and when you cannot write a specific fault handler to each of the caught exceptions. It is the case in network communication networks.

The monitoring and diagnosing functions have been intersted into an open source BPEL engine. We have put our demo on YouTube. This video clip shows: (1) ActiveBPEL interface and functions; (2) Addiing a monitoring listner and monitoring the Web service statues; (3) Diagnosis function is triggered after an exception induced from ActiveBPEL interface.

OISEE online experiment system

(Last update Aril, 2007)
Authors: Yong Lian and Xinge Du (Master's in UNB), Abhijeet Roy (Undergraduate in UNB)

OISEE stands for Online Interactive Science and Engineering Experiment System. Online experimentation allows students from anywhere to operate remote instruments at any time. We use SOA for the architecture of the online experiment system.

We have developed a generic methodology to wrap commercial instruments using IVI and VISA standard as Web services. We have developed Web 2.0 based techniques to display the virtual instrument panel and real time signals with just a standard Web browser. You can operate the remote instruments and observe the output use a standard Web browser. The technique developed in this paper can be widely used for different real laboratories, such as microelectronics, chemical engineering, polymer crystallization, structural engineering, and signal processing.

The courseware management functions are based on open source Moodle. Currently it has the functions to manage an online course, such as content management, student management, collaborative functions etc.

Online Music Learning Portal

(This one has been taken offline)

Author: Matthias Klein (Master's in UNB)

This e-learning site uses multimedia materials and rich links between them for music learning. Learning objects are music score, background knowledge and performances organized around pieces of music, instruments and musicians.

Instead of using existing Learning Management systems, this project uses portal platform as its architecture. The advantage of this architecture is that the e-learning system can share modules, such as user management and collaboration tools, and use information, such as database and file system, available in the enterprise portal for learning functions. The e-learning portlet can be deployed into any standard compliant portal platform (compliant to JSR-168) without any code changes.



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