Post Doctoral Researchers

  1. Post Doctoral, Sattari, H. “Finite element analysis of tool –tissues interaction”, June- October, 2006.
  2. Sokhanvar, H., “Development of a novel piezoelectric tactile sensor by Micromaching, 2007-8.
  3. Post Doctoral, Najarian S., “Design and modeling of biomedical organs and tactile sensors for MIS”, 2002-4.

Doctoral Researchers

  1. Ph.D., Masoud Kalantari, “Piezoresistive based tactile sensing in minimally invasive heart surgery”. (with Dr. Kovecses).
  2. Ph.D., Roozbeh Ahmadi, “Design and fabrication of optical-based micromachined tactile sensors for MIS”. (with Dr. Packirisamy).
  3. Ph.D., Siamak Aarbatani, “ Teletaction in Minimally Invasive Surgery”.

Masters students

  1. M.A.Sc., Ahmad Ismail Atieh; “Development of a multifunctional miniaturized robotic tactile sensor”. (with Dr. Packirisamy).
  2. Sample

Graduate Students Completed

  1. Ph.D. and Post Doctoral, Saeed Sokhanvar; “Multifuntional polyvinylidene fuoride tactile sensor for minimally invasive surgery” (with Dr. Packirisamy), (2008).
  2. Ph.D., Majid Nabavi; “Numerical and experimental investigation of the acoustic standing wave resonators, pump and micropumps” (with Dr. Seddiqui), (2008).
  3. M.A.Sc., Ali Shabram; “A nonlinear approach for characterization of viscoelastic materials with application in tactile sensing for robotics and minimally invasive surgery” (2008).
  4. M.A.Sc., Reza Ramezanifard; “Development of a tactile display system for tissue softness perception”( with Dr. Xie), (2008).
  5. Ph.D., Ali Bonakdar; “Grasping contact analysis of biological materials with applications in minimally invasive surgery” (with Dr. Bhat) (2008).
  6. M.A.Sc., Marjan Molavi; “Determination of mechanical properties of individual living cells” (with Dr. Stiharu) (2007).
  7. M.A.Sc., Mohammad Ameen Qasaimeh; “Design and microfabrications of a PVDF-Based MEMS tactile sensor for minimally invasive surgery” (with Dr. Kahrizi), (2007).
  8. M.A.Sc., Ashkan Mirbagheri; “Design, modeling fabrication and testing of a membrane piezoelectric tactile sensor with four sensing elements” (2007).
  9. M.A.Sc., Ji Peng; “Development of a teletaction system for human pulse” (with Dr. W. Xie) (2006).
  10. M.A.Sc., Nagaragan Nayaranan; “Design and fabrication of a micromachined tooth-like softness sensor” (with Dr. Packirisamy) (2006).
  11. M.A.Sc., Marco Penny; “Effect of horizontal vibration on humans” ( with Dr. Rakheja)(2005).
  12. M.A.Sc., Ifthekhar Anwar; “Automotive collision detection system utilizing distributed polyvinylidene-fluoride sensors” (with Dr. Ahmed)(2005).
  13. M.A.Sc., Jian Li; “Design and development of a piezoelectric linear actuator for smart structures” ( with Dr. Sedaghati)(2004).
  14. M.A.Sc., Nakka Purush; “Design and fabrication of a piezoelectric micromachined tactile sensor” ( (with Dr. Kahrizi)(2004).
  15. M.A.Sc., Sheng Me; “Design and fabrication of a multi-axial force/torque sensor for endoscopic applications”(with Dr. Bhat) (2003).
  16. M.A.Sc., Harpiyar Singh; “Design and finite element and experimental analysis of piezoelectric tactile sensors for endoscopic graspers” (with Dr. Sedaghati)(2003).

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