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Prospective Students:

Priority will be given to Master's and Ph.D. students applying to CIISE Programs


My former Master's and Ph.D. students have landed jobs in both academia and/or industry, including Amazon, GE, Autodesk, Ericsson, Ubisoft, Mircom, Nakisa, Tenrox, SAP Labs, Honeywell Aerospace, Future Electronics, CGI, Novatek Int, Pratt & Whitney, etc...

Name Degree (Year) Title of Thesis
L. Luciano Ph.D. (2018) Geometric deep learned descriptors for 3D shape recognition
H. Ghodrati Ph.D. (2017) Deep shape representations for 3D object recognition
M. Masoumi Ph.D. (2017) Feature encoding of spectral descriptors for 3D shape recognition
R. Grewal Master's (2016) Spectral descriptors for data clustering and classification
W. Wan* Ph.D. (2014) Probabilistic and epistemic model checking for multi-agent systems
A. Kacem Ph.D. (2013) Geometric approaches for 3D shape denoising and retrieval
A. Mosleh* Ph.D. (2013) Novel video completion approaches and their applications
C. Li Master's (2013) Spectral geometric methods for deformable 3D shape retrieval
M. Khader Ph.D. (2012) Multimodality and nonrigid image registration with application to diffusion tensor imaging
K.  Khoshnasib Master's (2012) Data encryption schemes for multimedia protection
W. Mohamed Ph.D. (2012) Medical image registration and 3D object matching
N. Hazrati Master's (2011) Geometric approaches to statistical defect prediction
E. Elsheh* Ph.D. (2011) Encryption schemes for images and 3D objects
K. Tarmissi Ph.D. (2010) Topological approaches to 3D object processing and applications
A. Zaryabi Master's (2009) Optimal resource allocation and release time decision
E. Abdallah* Ph.D. (2008) Robust Watermarking Approaches for Multimedia Security
A. Abbas Master's (2008) Topological approaches to 3D mesh watermarking
J. Jie* Master's (2008) Regression model-based automatic finite element mesh generation
M. Ghaderpanah Master's (2008) Multimedia Content Processing and Protection
T. Tsagaroulis Master's (2007) Dimension reduction methods for multivariate process control
Y. Luo Master's (2007) Statistical defect prediction  models for software quality
M. Ouhsain Master's (2007) Robust watermarking schemes for multimedia protection
G. Stefatos Master's (2007) Multivariate statistical process control for fault detection
Y. Zhang Master's (2007) Entropic and statistical approaches for multimedia processing
M. Zhang Master's (2007) Geometric smoothing and modeling of 3D graphics
O. Abdel-Mannan* Master's (2007) Incremental dimensionality reduction algorithms



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