Multi-focus Sonography Database

The manuscript associated with this database is currently under review in IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. This website is for the reviewers ONLY and should not be used otherwise.

Simulated phantom US image
Real phantom US image
Ex-vivo US image of lamb liver

The repository includes three different datasets of  Multi-focus US images. In the first dataset, 750 images simulated using the Field II program are presented. For each realization (i.e., each phantom), three different images were simulated by changing the location of the focal point. The second dataset includes five independent US images collected from different locations of Multi-Purpose Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom. The third dataset presents five US images collected from different locations of a fresh lamb liver. For each of the two latter datasets, at each location, three images with different focal points were collected.

Instructions for usage:

  • All images are provided with “.mat” format.
  • There exists a “readme.text”  file containing details of each dataset which you may need for your application.
  • The implementation code of the proposed network is provided in python (using Keras library).
  • The code contains necessary comments that you may need for usage.