CityBEM - City Building Energy Model and Whole-building Energy Analysis

Students: Ali Katal, PhD Candidate

Sponsor: Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grants


A. Katal, M. Mortezazadeh and L. Wang. 2018. Modeling building resilience against extreme weather by integrated CityFFD and CityBEM simulationsApplied Energy. Under Review. Pages 29.

Research Highlights:

CityBEM: A physics-based simulation model for calculation of buildings energy usage and saving from energy retrofits. 

Import 3D buildings from OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Downtown Toronto 3D model imported from OpenStreetMap

Modeling Snow-Storm of the Centrury 1971 March 4 - 7 of Montreal, Nun's Island (1500 buildings)

Nun's Island model

Nun's Island model

Buildings temperature map during power outage caused by Snow-storm

Total heat loss of the buildings during the storm

Total heat loss

Buildings resilience study after the power outage

Nun's Island buildings resilience