Research Associate

  1. Dr. Wenhui Peng (AI-Driven CFD Applications to Urban Microclimate Modeling)
  2. Dr. Ali Katal
  3. Dr. Mohammad Mortezazadeh 

Research Assistant

  1. Shaoxiang Qin (AI CFD Applications)
  2. Maher Albettar (Digital Twin)
  3. Zhaoyu Zheng (Digital Twin)

Postdoc Fellow

  1. Dr. Michael Kim (co-supervised with Dr. Andreas Athienitis)

PhD Students

  1. Travis Moore (co-supervised with Dr. Michael Lacasse)
  2. Ibrahim Abdehlhady (co-supervised with Dr. Dahai Qi), PhD Student, University of Sherboorke
  3. Saeed Rayegan (co-supervised with Dr. Radu Zmeureanu)
  4. Shujie Yan (co-supervised with Dr. John Zhai and Dr. Shelly Miller)
  5. Jiwei Zou (co-supervised with Dr. 
  6. Dongxue Zhan (co-supervised with Dr. Ibrahim Hassan)
  7. Senwen Yang (co-supervised with Dr. Ted Stathopoulos)
  8. Houzhi Wang (co-supervised with Dr. Ruoyu You, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 

Master Students

  1. Ahmed Moustafa Marey (co-supervised with Dr. Sherif Goubran from American University in Cairo)
  2. Cheng Chen (co-supervised with Dr. Weiyi Shang from Computer Science at Concordia University and Dr. David Vidal at Polytechnique Montreal)
  3. Eslam Mohamed Ali (co-supervised with Dr. Andreas Athienitis)
  4. Omar Hassan (co-supervised with Dr. Ibrahim Hassan)
  5. Zahra Salehi (co-supervised with Dr. Hua Ge)
  6. Majd Moujahed (co-supervised with Dr. Ibrahim Hassan) 
  7. Kathryn Chung Tze Cheong (co-supervised with Dr. Hua Ge)
  8. Sepehrdad Tahmasebi