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We are proud to announce that the CRDBER site is moving to a new home at on ENCS of Concordia Univsity and will be updated regularly.

This site collects selected scientific publications and resources in the areas related to the current building envelope researches, and presents them in a structured format.

The collected information is maintained for internal use in a Microsoft Access database. CRDBER is its web representation.

CRDBER is gaining in size fast, due both to continuously added publications and to added cross links. Currently (September 2003), the site is over 30 MB in size and has over 3,000 files.

In additional to the reference entries, CRDBER adds concepts and collection of essays.   The concepts serve as subject heading or keyword index, while essays provide more detailed information on specific topics.  There is a rich network of cross connections between these basic components.  The connections include: concept-subconcept, concept-reference, concept-essay, and reference-essay. In addition, hundreds of links to useful web sites and pages are collected and linked to relevant pages.

Additional features make the site easier to use.  Top bar provide quick links to major indices.  Reference by the same author lists all references in the database of the authors of the paper.  Search is provided through an external web service.


History - conceptualization

The database was originally started to record and organize reading notes on publications. The concepts, in addition to serving as subject indexing, are the general issues common to the publications. The essays were added to record memorable quotes from the publications.

The theoretical background for similar data constructions, unknown to us till 2004, has been developed in computer sciences, such as in an article R2497.


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The selection of which publications to be included is subjective and sometime arbitrary. 

This is a research site without any advertising.  Request for link s to resources rich sites in areas related building envelopes is welcome.

Many of the information on this site are copied directly from web sites, and some of which may have been copyrighted materials. For more authentic information, most recent update, and more complete and unbiased contents, please visit the original sources whenever possible. Use this site as an "enlarged web resources" for building envelope research.

Due to limited manpower and because the pages are generated by programs, errors are inevitable in this site.

Only a small portion of the publications listed in this site has been published on the web (in part or full). For others, please contact the journal or conference organizers.


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  • An author in the database is identified by the last name and the first initial. This may cause references be attributed to different authors.
  • The author info are not complete, nor updated, nor checked for errors. 
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  • External web links (EWLs) are checked occasionally.
  • The check results are indicated by the icons Icon indicates the link is checked and is ok, Icon indicates the link is not checked or Icon indicates the link is checked and is broken, for ok, not checked, or broken link, respectively. If you hover your mouse pointer over the small icon, The date when EWLs are checked is shown.
  • Due to imperfection and infrequency of URL checks, these indicators may be erroneous.


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Between Aug. 4, 2003 to Jan. 20, 2004, there has been 115,000 visitors to this site, averaging about 670 visitors per day.



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