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Conceptualized Reference Database for Building Envelope Research (CRDBER)
This site collects selected scientific publications and resources in the areas related to the current building envelope researches, and presents them in a structured format.

The collected information is maintained for internal use in a Microsoft Access database. CRDBER is its web representation.

CRDBER is gaining in size fast, due both to continuously added publications and to added cross links. Currently (2014), the site is over 65 MB in size and has over 4,600 files.

In additional to the reference entries, CRDBER adds concepts and collection of essays.  The concepts serve as subject heading or keyword index, while essays provide more detailed information on specific topics.  There is a rich network of cross connections between these basic components.  The connections include: concept-subconcept, concept-reference, concept-essay, and reference-essay. In addition, hundreds of links to useful web sites and pages are collected and linked to relevant pages.

Additional features make the site easier to use.  Top bar provide quick links to major indices.  Reference by the same author lists all references in the database of the authors of the paper.  Search is provided through an external web service.

Database tables

Total reference: 3063 Publications and articles.

Total concept: 301

Total essay: 753

Total web link: 472

Previously displayed concept of building envelope research.

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Environmental Chamber
Environmental Chamber

a multiple-purpose testing facility for building envelope performance evaluation at BCE of Concordia University



Building Envelope Performance Laboratory

Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies

Dept. of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Concordia University 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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