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  • Chouinard, K. L. and Lawton, M. D., (0), Rotting wood framed apartments -- not just a Vancouver problem

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    B.C. moisture problems - phase II

    ".. technical problems associated with wood frame apartment building envelope construction in the coastal areas of BC. The first part of the program, a field survey, has now been completed and has confirmed that the problem is likely attributed to incorrect wall design and construction, leading to ingress of exterior moisture followed by inadequate drying rates. Two steering committees are being formed from the Building Envelope Research Consortium's membership. The project will involve retaining the services of consultants to test and monitor new details and wall constructions; to adapt the two currently available Best Practice Guides for wood frame building envelopes and flashings for the coastal region of British Columbia; to develop a Quality Assurance Protocol which would be specific to the wood frame industry envelope design and construction process; and to develop a training program in partnership with the CHBA and the AIBC." (CHMC doc)

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