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  • wood, lumber, timber
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    Allen, C., (1999), Wood material behavior in severe environments
  • Journa
    Gu, H., (2001), Structure based, two-dimensional, anisotropic, transient heat conduction model for wood
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    Hukka, A. and Viitanen H., (1999), A mathematical model of mold growth on wooden material
  • Journa
    Kang, H. and R. E. Booker, (2002), Variation of stress wave velocity with MC and temperature

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    Journal: Wood Science

    "the official journal of the Japan Wood Research Society..current issues in wood and its utilization..basic and applied research ..of wood, wood components, wood and wood-based products, and wood constructions.. pulp and paper, fiber resources from nonwoody plants, wood-inhabiting insects and fungi, wood biomass, and environmental and ecological issues in forest products.. review articles on selected topics concerning wood science and related fields"

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