SAC Research Group

Software System Architecture in Cloud Computing

Faculty Members

Dr. Yan Liu

Associate Professor and Research Leader

Research Areas

  • Distributed Computing : Middleware; Cloud Computing; Distributed Architectures; Performance Modeling, Analysis and Evaluation; Service oriented Computing
  • Software Engineering : Software Architecture; Model Driven Development ; Embeded, and Cyber-physical systems
  • Web-Enabled Applications and Services : eScience; Scientific Workflow; Business Processes

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  • Graduates

    Hanieh Alipour

    Ph.D. student (Jan 2014 - present)

    Completed her Master of Computer Science at Concordia University under Dr. Glitho. Her Master topic was “QoS Enabled Video Telephony with Virtualized HSS over 4G EPC environment”.

    Research Project

    Her project is about designing and validate the optimization model for auto-scaling mechanism in heterogeneous Data centers. Her PhD research will address the key questions in model-driven approach in virtual resource migration and auto-scaling in heterogeneous data centers.

    Gangha Dharan

    M.Eng student (Jan 2014 - May 2014)

    Final year student of Master of Engineering. Work as a part-time software developer and I have 2 years software development experience.

    MEng Project

  • A Pattern Analysis Method of Intensive Monitoring Data from the Cloud

  • Mehran Khan

    M.A.Sc student (Sep 2013 - present)

    BSc in Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science, North South University, Bangladesh. Software Engineer at Jijoty, California, USA and SocialCube, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Research Project

  • A Monitoring Framework to Enable Elasticity Decision by Monitoring High Available Services in the Cloud

  • Yawei (Vivian) Zhang

    M.A.Sc student (Jan 2014 - present)

    Obtained a Diploma of Information Technology in Medicine Hat College, Alberta and gained a Bachelor of Computer Science from Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology Hebei, China

    Research Project

  • REST-based Interactive Visualization Software Framework Design

  • Xing Wu

    M.A.Sc student (Sep 2014 - present)

    His primary interest lies in the distributed system framework for big data processing issues. Prior to studying in Concordia University, he has worked in Tencent (QQ.COM, top 10 websites in the world ranked by Alexa) as a software engineer for three years.

    Research Project

  • A Load Adaptive Middleware for Distributed Stream Processing Platforms​

  • Undergraduates

    Rabih G. El-Zahr

    Sep 2013 - Apr 2014

    Rabih G. El-Zahr is Computer Engineering student at Concordia University. He’s also a web developer who specializes in front-end development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3) and founder of Scorpion Shade. During his free time Rabih spends his time improving his programming skills by learning new programming languages. Rabih’s next goal is to get into the world of mobile application development.

    See capstone poster and demo video on YouTube.

    Ryan Held

    Sep 2013 - Apr 2014

    Ryan Held is a computer engineering undergraduate student at Concordia University and will graduate in June 2014. He has been involved with numerous academic projects including the development of a student scheduling software and a robot battle competition, where his team won second place. He was also a member of the capstone team that demonstrated OpenSAF's cluster error handling process using a game, which was supervised by Dr. Liu, Dr. Toeroe and Dr. Khendek.

    See capstone poster and demo video on YouTube.

    Astou Sene

    Sep 2013 - Apr 2014

    Astou Sene is a student in Computer Engineering at Concordia University, graduating in 2014. Astou has acquired several progamming skills and has implemented different types of applications at Concordia. She has work experience in mobile application development and software testing. She is a member of the Capstone team that worked on the project which aimed to visibly demonstrate the error handling mechanisms of OpenSAF through the control of a game.

    See capstone poster and demo video on YouTube.


    Onkar Kadam

    Master of Engineering (May - Sep 2013)

    MEng Project (5 credits)

  • Performance Evaluation of Open Source E-commerce Framework in Private Cloud Infrastructure

  • Marcos Belchior M M Pinto

    Bachelor of Engineering (May - Sep 2013)

    Summer Internship Project

  • Cloud Computing Capability-Based System Security Access Mechanism
    See project poster.

  • Visitors

    Dr. Yao Lan

    Aug 2014

    Associate Professor, School of Information Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, China

    Dr. Ian Gorton

    Feb 2014

    Ian Gorton is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute, where he works on software architectures for big data systems. Before joining the SEI in 2013, he was a Laboratory Fellow in the Computational Sciences and Mathematics Division at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). At PNNL, he led projects in various scientific domains that are building tools to process and manage complex, massive, distributed data collections for modeling and simulation. Gorton has published three books and 140+ conference and journal papers, mostly in the areas of software architectures and component technologies. He is Senior Member of the IEEE Computer Society and Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

    Mr. Paul Rimba

    Jun 2013

    PhD Candidate, Unversity of New South Wales, Australia & National ICT Australia (NICTA)