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Dr Greg Butler has over 40 years of research experience across diverse disciplines: algorithm development in computational group theory and combinatorics (1974-1992); the first knowledge-based systems for mathematics (1988-1992); software engineering research into reusable object-oriented frameworks and its application to database technology (1990-2012); bioinformatics (1995-now) covering data management, data modeling, text mining, ontologies, the semantic web, and algorithms.

He leads the development of the bioinformatics platform at the Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics and has been the bioinformatics lead on several large-scale genomics projects covering omics and meta-omics. The genomics projects were vertically integrated covering all stages from sample cultures, extraction of DNA and RNA, sequencing, cDNA microarray & RNA-Seq & proteomics expression profiles, EST and genome assembly, gene prediction, functional annotation, prediction of secreted proteins, expression of proteins, assaying and characterization of proteins.

Dr Butler is the contact person for Big Data at Concordia University, lobbying for better support of research data archives and computational infrastructure for Big Data and High Performance Computing; promoting adoption of open data, open government, and open source software; and bringing together researchers in databases, data mining, data analytics, operations research, supply chain management, computational finance, urban planning, logistics, transport systems, and environmental monitoring.


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