Leila Kosseim

Associate Professor
Department of Computer & Software Engineering, Concordia University


contact information:

  tel:               514-848-2424 ext.3074   
  fax:             514-848-2830
  e-mail:        kosseim AT cse.concordia.ca

physical address (to come to my office):
    1515 St-Catherine West, room EV 3.117
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 2W1, campus map


mail address (to ship packages):
    1400 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, room EV 3.117
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 1M8




Teaching:  This academic year, I will be teaching

*       COMP 472/6721: Artificial Intelligence in Fall 2014

*       COMP 248: Object Oriented Programming I in Fall 2014

*       COMP 472/6721: Artificial Intelligence in Winter 2015


Research:  I work on Natural Language Processing in the CLaC Lab.

*       List of my publications

*       List of my graduate students


I am/was a Program Committee Member of the following conferences:

*       COLING-2014, COLING-2012

*       Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics: CICLing 2014, CICLing 2013, CICLing 2012

*       Canadian Artificial Intelligence: AI2014, AI2013, AI2012 (program co-chair), AI2011, AI 2008, AI 2007

*       NLDB: NLDB 2013, NLDB 2012, NLDB 2010, NLDB 2008

*       ENLG-2013

*       Traitement Automatique de la Langue Naturelle: TALN 2012, TALN 2011, TALN 2010 (organising committee)

*       Conference en Recherche d’Information et Applications: CORIA 2011, CORIA 2010, CORIA 2008

*       The Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference: FLAIRS-26, FLAIRS-25

*       ATSF-2012

Important note to potential graduate students:  I receive more e-mails than I can answer, so if you send me an e-mail to do graduate work with me, please note the following:

*       If you are truly interested in NLP, then please apply at Concordia and DO send me an e-mail.  Please include your student ID in your e-mail and indicate what type of funding you require.

*       If your e-mail looks “generic”, I will not even look at it.

*       I will ONLY respond to you, if I am interested in your profile AND I could use a new graduate student.  If I do not answer you, it may have nothing to do with your CV or your potential, it just may be that I cannot take on a new grad student at this point.