Postdoctoral Fellows

2 Hai Doan Nguyen PDF 2006 Closed-Domain Question-Answering
1 Eliana Coelho  co-supervised with Sabine Bergler PDF 2005 BioNLP


8 Farhood Farahnak PhD 2023 Ordering Problems in Natural Language Generation
7 Majid Laali PhD 2018 Inducing Discourse Resources Using Annotation Projection
6 Elnaz Davoodi PhD 2017 Computational Discourse Analysis Across Complexity Levels
5 Ishrar Hussain  co-supervised with Olga Ormandjeva PhD 2014 Linguistic Approaches for the Early Measurement of Functional Size from Software Requirements
4 Reda Siblini PhD 2014 Recognizing Textual Entailment using Description Logics and Semantic Relatedness
3 Osama El Demerdash co-supervised with Sabine Bergler PhD 2013 Mining Photographic Collections to enhance the Precision and Recall of Search Results Using Semantically Controlled Query Expansion
2 Shamima Mithun PhD 2012 Exploiting Rhetorical Relations in Blog Summarization
1 Abolfazl Keighobadi Lamjiri co-supervised with T. Radhakrishanan PhD 2007 Relaxing Unification for Question Answering in Restricted Domains


21 Blaise Hanel Master’s 2023 Discourse Analysis of Argumentative Essays of English Learners based on their CEFR Level
20 Hamid Reza Bahizadi co-supervised Master’s 2023 Application of Attention Mechanism in Deep Neural Network Architecture for System Failure Prognostics
19 Pavel Khloponin Master’s 2022 Vector Space Proximity Based Document Retrieval For Document Embeddings Built By Transformers
19 Thomas Chapados Muermans Master’s 2022 Investigating the Use of Transformer Based Embeddings for Multilingual Discourse Connective Identification
19 Andrés Lou Master’s 2021 Discourse Segmentation of Judicial Decisions for Fact Extractions
18 MohammadReza Davari Master’s 2020 Neural Network Approaches to Medical Toponym Recognition
17 Elham Mohamadi Master’s 2019 Automatic Detection of Emotions and Distress in Textual Data
16 Sohail Hooda Master’s 2019 Explicit Discourse Argument Labeling using Deep Neural Networks
15 Xiao (Mark) Ma Master’s 2018 Semantic Mapping of Security Events to Known Attack Patterns
14 André-Philippe Cianflone Master’s 2017 Neural Network Approaches to Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
13 Hayda Almeida co-supervised with Marie-Jean Meurs Master’s 2015 A Supervised Learning Approach for Imbalanced Text Classification of Biomedical Literature Triage
12 Félix-Hervé Bachand Master’s 2014 An Evaluation of the Influence of a Document’s Text-Type on the Use of Discourse Relations
11 Prasad Perera Master’s 2013 Syntactic Sentence Compression for Text Summarization
10 Majid Razmara Master’s 2008 Answering List and Other Questions
9 Ishrar Hussain co-supervised with Olga Ormandjeva Master’s 2007 Using Text Classification to Automate Ambiguity Detection in SRS Documents
8 Jamileh Yousefi Master’s 2005 Using Reformulations to Improve Question-Answering
7 Jacques Chelin  co-supervised with T. Radhakrishanan Master’s 2005 Using Natural Language Processing to Assist the Visually Handicapped in Writing Compositions
6 Osama El Demerdash co-supervised with Sabine Bergler Master’s 2004 A conceptual Framework for Adaptive Multimedia Presentations
5 Spyridon Methenitis Master’s 2004 Working towards a Greek-English cross-language passage retrieval system for question-answering
4 Yasser Kamel Master’s 2004 Using a Named Entity Tagger and a Syntactic Parser to improve Web-based Answer Extraction
3 Glenda Beatriz Anaya Castillo Master’s 2002 AnsForm: Answer Formulation for Question-Answering
2 Luc Plamondon co-supervised with Guy Lapalme
Master’s 2002 Le système de question-réponse QUANTUM
1 Niculae Stratica co-supervised with Bipin Desai Master’s 2002 A Natural Language Processor for Querying Cindi