Concordia Power Electronics and Energy Research Group (PEER)

 Digital scope and Data Acquisition 


Mixed Domain Oscilloscope MDO 3024


         Digital Oscilloscope 500 MHz,
         4 GS/sec LT 374 (LeCroy)
High Speed Data Acquisition SL1000

Rapid Prototyping and Hardware-in-Loop
Rapid System Development for Power Conversion  (triphase) Real-Time Controller OP4112C (OPAL-RT) Real-Time Controller DS 1103 (dSPACE)

Power Converters
Two-Level Inverters
(Custom Built)
Three-Level Inverter
(Custom Built)
Three-Phase Rectifier/Inverter (Semikron)

Motor Drives
Four-Quadrant AC Drive 25 HP – ACS800 (ABB) Four-Quadrant DC Drive 18 HP–DCS800 (ABB) Programmable AC Power Source (California Instruments)


Core Loss Measurement Test Benches
Pulsating Core Loss Measurement (Donart System) Rotational Core Loss Measurement  (Custom Built)

 Steel Samples

Machine Dynamometer Test Benches
13 kW Dynamometer Test Bench (Hydro-Québec) 17.5 kW Dynamometer Test Bench
5 kW Dynamometer Test Bench 3 kW Dynamometer Test Bench

The PEER facilities are located in the new Concordia EV Building, in the corner of Ste. Catherine and Guy Streets.



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