Research Areas of the PEER Group

Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

Algorithms for Machine Efficiency

Advanced Models for Core Losses

Electrical Machine Design

Adjustable Speed Drives

Digital Control of Advanced Motor Drives

Advanced Propulsion Applications

Control of Power Electronic Converter

Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting

Photovoltaic Systems (PV)

Vibration Energy Harvesting

Emergency Power

Wind Energy

Osmotic Power

Organic Fuel Cells

Hydro-Kinetic Power

Mini and Microgrids

Control and Communication of Mini-Grids

Rural Electrification

Distributed Power Systems

Transportation Electrification

Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Railway Transit Electrification

Traction Motor Design and Automotive Electrified Powertrain

Automotive Power Electronics and Motor Drives

More Electric Aircrafts

Fuel Cell Vehicles