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  • durability: building envelope
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  • envelope materials
  • life cycle assessment (LCA)

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    durability: materials and components

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      This link was checked on Dec. 2006BTC - Buildings Technology Center
      "to identify, develop, and deploy sustainable and energy-efficient building system technologies by forming partnerships between the public sector and private industry for analysis, well-characterized experiments, technology development, and market outreach. "

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Buildings Envelope Technology Roadmap- BETR
      ˇ°DOE releases Buildings Envelope Technology Roadmap, and reports on progress fulfilling Window Industry Technology Roadmap.

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Wood Durability web site
      "offering up-to-date information to help wood users get the most life out of wood construction products", provided by the Canadian Wood Council and Forintek Canada Corp.

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