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    Sheathing: The first covering of boards or material on the outside wall or roof prior to installing the finished siding or roof covering.

    Siding: The exterior covering of a house, usually wood, vinyl, aluminum, hardboard, or fiber cement.

    Exterior Sheathing

    Exterior sheathing is applied to the exterior of the stud wall before the exterior finish is attached. Exterior sheathing can be blackjack, plywood, Orient Stranded Board (OSB) or any of the foam (extruded or expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, or Styrofoam) boards available on the market. Foam boards achieve higher R-Values in the wall section. (by This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Building An Efficient Home) at LES.

    Wall Sheathing

    The outside wall sheathing or covering on a frame structure consists of either wood siding orpaneling, wood shingles, plywood, fiberboard, hardboard, and/or other types of materials. Masonry, veneers, metal or plastic siding, and other non-wood materials are additional choices. There are two general types of wooden board siding: drop siding and common siding. DROPSIDING is joined edge to edge (rather than overlapping). COMMON SIDING consists of boards that overlap each other single-wise.

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    View image: sheathing details: foundation to roof

    NAHB This link was checked on Dec. 2006"Moisture Protection of Wood Sheathing: An Installer's Guide,"

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