TPHOLs 2008 - 21st International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics - Montéal, Canada, 10-13 September 2008


An irresistible blend of European charm and North American effervescence, Montréal's architecture enchants the visitor with its harmonious contrast of old and new. With some 3.7 million inhabitants and 80 distinct ethnic cultures, Montréal is a resolutely international city. A world leader in a wide range of industries, including aeronautics, information technology and biotechnologies, the city is also renowned for innovation in medicine, multimedia and arts.

Destination Montreal

Montréal, a city of knowledge, has four universities: two French-language and two English-language. With universities, Montréal ranks second in North America for the number of university students per capita. It's not surprising that the presence of all these academics gives the city an additional dynamic boost.

Getting around the city on a day-to-day basis is hassle-free. Its streets, underground pedestrian network and subway system are safe and easy to navigate. Montréalers are naturally charming and quite often multilingual, always ready to strike up a conversation and share a moment of friendship. This spontaneous hospitality has made Montréal the site of many exciting international festivals, which - much like the city and its inhabitants - are a manifestation of pure passion!

Travelling to Montréal

Second largest country in the world, Canada offers plenty of interesting sites. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, the landscape changes from the Rockies in the West, to the central Prairies and the Eastern Capes and Cliffs.

The history and culture of the province of Québec makes it a one of a kind place to visit. It is the only french-speaking province in the country. The hospitality and kindness of its people makes it a must-see destination. Bound to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, Québec is a vast continental peninsula rich in natural resources and wildlife. A large portion of its 1,667,926 square kilometers (640,000 square miles) remains unspoiled. The majority of Québecs 7,400,000 inhabitants live in the south along the mighty St. Lawrence River, which has been the gateway to the heart of the North American continent since the very beginning of the New World. Québec has four clearly demarcated seasons: a gentle, sunny spring, an often hot and humid summer, an autumn that blazes with vivid colours and a cold, snowy winter ideal for all kinds of winter sports (cf temperature chart).

An Efficient Transportation System

Québec's road transportation network is extensive and efficient. All regions are accessible by air. International flights arrive at and depart from the Montréal area airports at Mirabel and Dorval and Québec City's airport. Several cities have their own public transportation system, including Montréal, Laval, Québec City, Gatineau and Sherbrooke. Since 1991, some 400 million passengers have used public transportation in Québec.

To learn more about the province of Québec, visit the government's Web site.

One of the world's most dynamic metropolises, characterized by its distinctive joie de vivre, entertainment, recreation, and gastronomy. Boasting a rich and colorful history, Montréal is truly unique in North America for its special blend of urban modernism and discreet charm inspired by the cultural distinctiveness of Québec.

Access to Montréal

The Montréal Urban Community (MUC) Transport Commission covers the 29 municipalities that make up the MUC and operates 185 bus lines and a subway system connecting over 65 stations with a volume of nearly one million rides a day. Montréal's subway is linked to a unique "underground city" that stretches over almost 30 km (18 miles) and connects some 1,200 commercial establishments, including shops, restaurants, banks, movie theaters, hotels and apartment complexes.

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