TPHOLs 2008 - 21st International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics - Montéal, Canada, 10-13 September 2008
TPHOLs 2008 Host Selection

TPHOLs 2009 Host Selection

Host Selection Process

For the host selection process, there are two phases: solicitation of bids and voting.

Solicitation of Bids

A longstanding convention is that the conference should be held in a continent different to the location of the previous meeting. TPHOLs is traditionally held in August or September. Bids should be sent to and should include at least the following information:

Previous bids may be accessed through the TPHOLs webpages. Please refer to the last ones (Montreal, Hagenberg) or previous ones from the History section of this website. Deadline for all bids is 10 March 2008.


Shortly after that, the bids will be made public and the voting phase will take place. The people eligible to vote are those who are seriously thinking of attending TPHOLs 2009, and the voting system used will be Single Transferable Vote between all received bids.

Election Result

This year only one bid from Germany has been received. Therefore, the TPHOLs 2008 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that TPHOLs 2009 will be held at the Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany by Tobias Nipkow and his team. (

See you in Montreal in August, 2008 and in Munchen in 2009!

TPHOLs'08 Organizing Committee.

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TPHOLs 2008 is supported by National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), Microsystems Strategic Alliance of Québec (ReSMIQ), Intel Corporation, and Concordia University.