Dr. T. D. Bui

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Concordia University

T. D. Bui

Tien Dai Bui has been a researcher in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada for more than 30 years. He was educated at Carleton University, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, and York University. Before coming to Concordia he was with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University from 1971 to 1974. At Concordia, he was promoted to full professor in 1984, became Chair of the Department of Computer Science in 1985-90, and Associate Vice-Rector Research in 1992-96. He has served as Member of the Boards of Directors of many research centers and institutes in Quebec including the Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal Inc. (CRIM), the Institut de Recherche sur les Populations (IREP), the Institut des Sciences Mathematiques (ISM), GRIAO (a consortium of many research labs on VLSI in Quebec universities), and others. He was also Member of the Committee of Vice-Rectors Research in Quebec (CREPUQ). Currently, he is Member of the Board of Governors of Concordia University.

Tien Bui is currently Associate Editor of the International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing, Signal Processing (EURASIP), and Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications. He has served on the organizing and program committees of many international conferences on image processing, document analysis, and related topics. He has also served on many grant selection committees and as an external reviewer for federal and provincial granting agencies including the Quebec Government MESS Selection Committee of international exchange programs. Dr. Bui has received many research grants over the years and published more than 150 papers in different areas in scientific journals and conference proceedings. He is co-author of the book Computer Transformation of Digital Images and Patterns (World Scientific, 1989). He has spent sabbatical leaves at the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo, Rome, Italy in 1978-79 and the University of California at Berkeley in 1983-84.

His current research interests are in image processing, document analysis, machine learning, pattern analysis and recognition.

Former graduate students

Guangyi Chen
Khoa Luu
Mehdi Haji
Dongwook Cho
Xiaojun Du
Kha Gia Quach
Chi Nhan Duong
Kasi Periyasamy
Pierre Gauthier
Wumo Pan
Javad Sadri
Mai Thanh
Raymond Legault
Thi Nhu Hanh Vo
Song Gao
Zikuan Liu
Quinghui Zhang
Yves Roy
Zixi Li
Samuel Poon
Si Nguyen Vo
Yueting Chen
Xu Wu Li
Ping Zhang
Ximing Yu
Ming Zhang

Recent Publications

2010 Keynote Adresss, Invited Talk, and Short Course

[1] J. Sadri, C. Y. Suen, T. D. Bui, Statistical Characteristics of Slant Angles in Handwritten Numeral Strings and Effects of Slant Correction on Segmentation, Int. J. of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 97-116, 2010.
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