Dr. T. D. Bui

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Concordia University

Technical Reports

[1] P. Kaps, T.D. Bui and S. Poon, Rosenbrock Methods for Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations, Institut fur Mathematik, Universitat Innsbruck Report No. 1, 1984.
[2] T.D. Bui, A.K. Oppenheim, and D.T. Pratt, Methods for the Numerical Solution of Stiff ODEs, Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Report, No. LBL-16943, December 1983.
[3] T.D. Bui, A Study of Numerical Methods for Combustion Kinetics, Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Report, No. LBL-16769, November 1983.
[4] T.D. Bui, R. Knystautas, J.H. Lee and C. Guirao, Dynamics of a Pulse Discharge Column, MERL Report 71-10, McGill University 1971.