Dr. T. D. Bui

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Concordia University


Current Lab Members
Dongwook Cho Ph. D. student
Seyed Ali Jannatpour Ph. D. student (co-supervised)
Wumo Pan Ph. D. student (co-supervised)
Calin Tudor Brezeanu M. Comp. Sci. student
Xiaojun Du M. Comp. Sci. student
Qinghui Zhang M. Comp. Sci. student
Recent Graduates
Guangyi Chen Ph. D., now Research Fellow at Canadian Space Agency
Javad Sadri Ph. D., now Post-doctoral Fellow at CENPARMI, Concordia University
Ping Zhang Ph. D., now Assistant Professor at Alcorn State University, USA
Song Gao M. Comp. Sci., now Research Fellow at M. D. Anderson Cancer Centre, University of Texas, Houston, TX
Quinghui Zhang M. Comp. Sci., now Research Fellow at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, New York city, NY
Yves Roy M. Comp. Sci., now Coordinator, Neuro-Informatic, REPRIC (Quebec)