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EDI Perspectives


EDI = Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


In addition to pursuing excellence in research, creating a positive synergy, maintaining a collegial environment and applying best practices in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) within our research team have been our priorities.


To help you to understand the importance and raise awareness of EDI issues, the following gathers relevant materials and you are encouraged to read and consult to appreciate the significance of EDI best practices in our research group.


Concordia University’s Commitment to EDI


Concordia University’s EDI Guidelines


Unconscious bias training module from the Canada Research Chairs Program


Useful resources from the Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion


Best Practices in EDI in Research (New Frontiers in Research Fund Program)



EDI in research


Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+): A strategy to advance EDI in research by integrating sex, gender and key factors of identity throughout the research process and understand their impact on the research output and applications


Online training module by the Women and Gender Equality Canada


Sex and Gender-Based Analysis Plus (SGBA+)



Case studies


Gendered Innovations from Stanford University



Contact at Concordia University and the Gina Cody School


Equity Office


Dr. Tanya Tajmel (EDI advisor at GCS)




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