Big Data Analytics for Smart City Infrastructure - CIVI 6731

This is a brand new course to familiarize building and civil engineering students (and professionals) with he fundamentals of digital transformation for the built environment. Topics include:

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Construction - BLDG 498 / BLDG 6241

This is a course to explain the fundamentals of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and familiarize construction project stakeholders (architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers and owners) with collaborative design; integrated design/construction; and digital twinning of buildings. Topics include:

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Building Economics - BLDG 6561

This course covers decision making for building and infrastructure development projects from the point of view of economic performance (return on investment, risk, liquidity, etc.) Topics include:

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Project Cost Estimating - BCEE464/LDG 6851

Students in this course learn the methods and techniques to forecast the cost of material, labor and equipment in construction projects. They are also introduced to the tender process under different project delivery methods. Topics include:

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