Ongoing and Completed Research Projects


Other Research Activities

BIM-IOT-Digital twin

Using urban big data in built environment research; a review of privacy and ethical challenges

by Junlong Xiang

Using urban big data in built environment research; a review of privacy risk assessment

by Ali Enjavi Amiri

Indoor occupant detection and tracking through WiFi network and Machine Learning

by Ali Arbab

BIM-Integrated Agent-Based Modeling for indoor evacuation behavior

by Sina Bolandin

Analysis of BIoT-based energy business in city of Montréal – Lessons learned from broader market

by Shivang Tarika

Sustainable facility management solutions through BIM

by Bashar Alfalah

SMART cities

Urban Information Modeling with CityGML – Case study of Coffee Park – Montréal

by Yasaman Niroumand

Circular economy and deconstruction of urban infrastructure – Case study of Champlin Bridge – Montréal

by Sarangan Srikanth

Smart cities; lessons learned from Smart Barcelona for the city of Montréal

by Mitra Movasagh Khaniki

BIM based process management

Impact of Fire on Occupants’ Evacuation in Projects Under Construction Renovation

by Nojan Moniri Tokmehdash

Planning Construction Rehabilitation Projects Considering Fire Hazards

by Tannaz Shamsabadi

File-based quality control of construction 4D models

by Parth Sachdeva

Automated evaluation of schedule performance in construction projects

by Rahul Dharsandia and Ashok Kavad

Quality control in bridge construction, through BIM

by Farhad Taheri

Implementation of BIM in tunnel excavation

by Reza Bahramzadeh

Construction Document Analysis

Topical classification of Canadian construction court cases

by Mohamed Rayan and Akshay Gowda Ganadalu

Smart building design DSS

Building Baseline Classifier (In terms of Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) and Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR))

by Mohammadjavad Anbia

Classification of Building Design Baseline (DT & RF)

by Mahyar Mousavi

Developing a BIM-based co-Simulation of fire and occupants’ behavior for safe construction rehabilitation planning

by by Seyedeh Tannaz Shams Abadi and Nojan Moniri Tokmehdash

Developing a decision support system for building energy solutions through lifecycle cost

by Pierre Yves Chassain

Can “EDGE” be the solution to sustainability of commercial buildings in Colombian market?

by Oscar Beltrán

BIM-AI integration for design

Automated design and optimization of floor joists through BIM

by Alireza Shoraka

Application Of BIM to enhance existing Reverberation Time estimation techniques by including effect of furniture

by Soheil Hadiandehkordi

Building Information Modeling for acoustics simulation and design in buildings

by Sarah Mahabadipour

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