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  • Foliente, G. C., (2000), Developments in performance-based building codes and standards

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    RILEM is a non profit-making, non-governmental technical association whose vocation is to contribute to progress in the construction sciences, techniques and industries, essentially by means of the communication it fosters between research and practice. RILEM'S activity therefore aims at developing the knowledge of properties of materials and performance of structures, at defining the means for their assessment in laboratory and service conditions and at unifying measurement and testing methods used with this objective.

    Proceedings of the Third RILEM International Symposium, Seneffe, Belgium, 2-3 February 2000, edited by A. T. WOLF, (RILEM Publications, France), Vol. 1, ISBN 2-912143-13-6

    3rd International RILEM Symposium on Durability of Building and Construction Sealants (ISBN: 2-912143-13-6)Edited by A. T. Wolf - [ TP 988 I58 1994 at Concordia]

    All building and construction sealants, once installed, are exposed to environmental and service degradation factors which affect their performance over time and ultimately cause them to fail. Replacing failed sealant joints is time consuming and can be expensive, representing a substantial proportion of overall maintenance costs. A thorough understanding of the parameters that affect the durability of sealants is critical for predicting their service life and the associated life cycle costs. In order to address the issue of building sealant durability, the RILEM Technical Committee 139-DBS was inaugurated in 1991.

    Topics covered include research on sealed joint performance; sealant durability studies; mechanistic and analytical studies; development of new test methods; performance based specification development; and innovative approaches in improving sealed joint durability.

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