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    IBP: IMEDAS Internet Measurement and Data Evaluation System


    IMEDAS Internet Measurement and Data Evaluation System

    (Internet Messwerterfassungs- und Datenauswertungs-System)

    IMEDAS is a software system for the acquisition, transfer, processing and storing of measurements which has been developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Branch Institute Holzkirchen. Its main features are the ability to use the internet for data tranfer and its uniform and consistent method for measurement set-up. It is especially suitable for world-wide distributed long-term measurements with a large number of data channels.

    IMEDAS can acquire data all over the world and send them via the internet to a central database.

    IMEDAS is largely platform independent and requires only a JAVA-enabled internet browser as a user interface.

    Thus, the IMEDAS database and the connected measurement set-ups can be accessed from all over the world.

    All the acquired measurements are also automatically converted to graphical diagrams which can be downloaded from the server.

    IMEDAS offers its full functionality with comfortable user interfaces.

    IMEDAS encrypts data before sending.

    IMEDAS is an integrated solution for measurements, including the planning of sensor database, definition of measurement set-up, data acquisition, data transfer, measurement supervision, measurement database, data processing and analysis, process visualisation and data archiving.

    Its most notable feature is the extremely high operation and data transfer reliability.

    IMEDAS allows full documentation of the origin and context of each measurement.

    IMEDAS offers open interfaces for all kinds of measurement and control hardware.

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