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    Beetles destroys wood

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    Wood Boring Beetles

    Wood boring beetles leave oblong or ice pick type holes in wood surfaces when they exit as mature beetles. Fine baby powder textured frass inside the wood indicates that powder post beetles may be present.

    A coarse frass inside the wood indicates that one of several wood borers, i.e. old house borers may be present. In the case of wood borers it is not unusual to fine some wood within the structure that was attacked by beetles prior to or at the time of harvesting of the wood.

    In addition, wood boring beetles typically require 15-20% moisture content within the wood in order to survive. The inspector should use a moisture meter to determine the moisture content. Adult beetles usually emerge in May or June and trails of dust may be found exiting the wood or you may discover small pile of dust on the floor immediately below the exit holes.

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