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    Standards associated with plywood

    By This link was checked on Dec. 2006CANPLY Canadian Plywood Association

    ASTM D143 Standard Methods of Testing Small Clear Specimens of Timbers

    ASTM D198 Static Tests of Timbers in Structural Sizes Excluding Section 36

    ASTM D1037 Wood Based Fiber and Particle Panel Materials

    ASTM D1761 Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Fasteners in Wood

    ASTM D2395 Standard Test Methods for Specific Gravity of Wood & Wood?Based Materials

    ASTM D2718 Standard Methods of Testing Plywood in Rolling Shear

    ASTM D2719 Standard Methods of Testing Structural Panels in Shear Through Thickness

    ASTM D3043 Standard Methods of Testing Plywood in Flexure

    ASTM D3044 Standard Test Method for Shear Modulus of Plywood

    ASTM D3500 Standard Methods of Testing Plywood in Tension

    ASTM D3501 Standard Methods of Testing Plywood in Compression

    ASTM D4442 Standard Test Methods for Moisture Content of Wood Excluding Method C - Distillation

    ASTM D4444 Standard Test Methods for Use and Calibration of Hand?Held Moisture Meters

    ASTM D4761 Mechanical Properties of Lumber and Wood-Based Structural Material

    ASTM D5456 Standard Specification for Evaluation of Structural Composite Lumber Products

    ASTM D5505 Standard Specification for Establishing and Monitoring Structural Capacities of Prefabricated Wood I-Joists

    ASTM E72 Standard Methods of Conducting Strength Tests of Panels for Building Construction

    ASTM E73 Standard Practice for Static Load Testing of Truss Assemblies

    ASTM E196 Standard Practice for Gravity Load Testing of Floors and Flat Roofs

    ASTM E455 Static Load Testing of Framed Floor or Roof Diaphragm Construction for Buildings

    ASTM E529 Flexural tests on Beams and Girders for Building Construction

    ASTM E564 Standard Method of Static Load Test for Shear Resistance of Framed Walls for Buildings

    ASTM E661 Standard Test Method for Performance of Wood and Wood?Based Floor and Roof Sheathing Under concentrated Static and Impact loads

    ASTM E695 Relative Resistance of Wall, Floor, and Roof Construction and Impact Loads

    ASTM E1080 Static Load Testing of Wood - Framed Truss Assemblies

    BS 5268 Part2 Timber and/or Plywood Structures

    BS 6566 Plywood

    CAN/CSA 052.1 Design Rated OSB: Test Methods

    CAN/CSA 0121 Douglas Fir Plywood

    CAN/CSA 0122 Structural Glued-Laminated Timber

    CAN/CSA 0151 Canadian Softwood Plywood

    CAN/CSA 0153 Poplar Plywood

    CAN/CSA-0325.1 Test Methods for Construction Sheathing

    CAN/CSA-0437.1 Test Methods for Waferboard and Strandboard

    CAN/CSA-0442.1 In-Grade Bending Tests of Lumber

    CAN/CSA S442.2 In-Grade Tension Tests of Lumber

    CSA S307 Load Test Procedures for Wood Roof Trusses for Houses and Small Buildings

    COFI Test Procedures Synthetic Patching Material

    COFI Test Procedures Bearing Test

    DIN 4078 Dimensions and Permissible Variations

    DIN 52183 Moisture Content

    DIN 53255 Bonding Strength

    DIN 68705 Plywood

    EN 310 Wood-Based Panels - Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and bending strength - Determination of characteristic values of mechanical properties and density

    EN 314 - 1 & 2 Plywood - Bonding Quality, Part 1: Test methods, Part 2: Requirements

    EN 789 Timber Structures - Test Methods - Determination of Mechanical Properties of Wood-Based Panels

    Forintek Canada Corporation SP-18R Evaluation Procedures for Synthetic Patching Materials for Repairs to Plywood Panels

    ISO 3129 Wood Sampling Methods and General Requirements for Physical and Mechanical Tests

    ISO 3130 Wood - Determination of Moisture Content for Physical and Mechanical Tests

    ISO 3131 Wood - Determination of Density for Physical and Mechanical Tests

    ISO 3805 Plywood - Determination of Density

    ISO 3806 Plywood - Determination of Moisture Content

    ISO 8375 Solid Timber in Structural Sizes - Determination of Some Physical and Mechanical Properties

    ISO DIS8982 Plywood - Determination of Physical and Mechanical Properties for Structural Purposes

    ISO DIS9425 Wood-Based Panels - Determination of Moisture Content

    ISO DIS9427 Wood-Based Panels - Determination of Density

    ISO DIS9429 Wood-Based Panels - Determination of Apparent Modules of Elasticity in Bending and of Bending Strength

    ISTA Procedures 1, 1A, 2, 2A Incline Impact Test, Static Compression Test, Drop Test, (Based on ASTM D880, ASTM D4003, ASTM D643, ASTM D775, ASTM D4577)

    JIS A1414 Method of Performance Test of Panels for Building Construction

    JAS Notification No. 106 Laminated Veneer Lumber

    JAS Notification No. 111 Glue Laminated Timber

    JAS Notification No. 112 Decorative Glue Laminated Timber

    JAS Notification No. 143 Softwood Structural Sawn Lumber

    JAS Notification No. 360 Structural Panel

    JAS Notification No. 383 Plywood for General Use

    JAS Notification No. 600 Structural Lumber for Wood Frame Construction

    JAS Notification No. 701 Finger Jointed Lumber

    JAS Notification No. 702 Machine Stress Rated Structural Lumber for Wood Frame Construction

    JAS Notification No. 932 Concrete Form Plywood

    JAS Notification No. 1371 Structural Plywood

    JAS Notification No. 1443 Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber

    NF B 51-338 Test Methods for Glue Lines

    NKB - XI 1972-05-26 Recommendations for Strength & Rigidity of Floor and Roof Sheathing: Test of Roof and Truss on the Concentrated Load Test of Roof and Floor Under Impact Load

    NLGA SPS 1 Special Products Standard for Fingerjoined Structural Lumber

    NLGA SPS 2 Special Products Standard for Machine Graded Lumber

    NLGA SPS 3 Special Products Standard for Fingerjoined Stud Lumber (Vertical Use Only)

    RILEM TSB-1 Testing Methods for Timber Structures

    RILEM TSB-2 Testing Methods for Wood-Based Board Materials in Structural Grades for Use in Load-Bearing Structures.

    Voluntary Product Standard PS1-95 Construction and Industrial Plywood.

    Voluntary Product Standard PS2-92 Performance Standard for Wood-Based Structural Use Panels


    BS: British Standard

    DIN: Deutsches Institu fuer Normung (German Stds. Institute)

    ISODIS: International Organization for Standardization Draft International Standard

    ISTA: International Safe Transit Association

    JAS: Japanese Agricultural Standard

    JIS: Japanese Industrial Standard

    NF B: Normes Fran?aises Classe

    BNKB: Nordiska Kommitten for Byggbestammelser (Nordic Committee on Building Regulations)

    RILEM: International Union of Testing Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures

    D.W. Wilson, Director, Conformity Assessment

    "Number of Scope Listings: 80/SCC 1003-15/100/Partner: None"

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      ASHRAE-American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
      "the sole purpose of advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration for the public's benefit through research, standards writing, continuing education and publications."

      ISO: International Standards Organization
      "a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from more than 140 countries, one from each country. to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity."

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