Predictive Cyber-Physical System Security Group (PreCySe) 


Walter Lucia

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Current Students

Mehran Attar

PhD Student

Research Topic: Machine Learning and Cyber-Physical Sytems security

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Cristian tiriolo

PhD Student

Research Topic: Control of Unmanned Vehicles

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Geovana Franca

PhD Student

Research Topic: Constrained Control 
 ​Co-supervised with Prof. Eugenio Castellan (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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Amir Mohammad Naseri

Master Student

Research Topic: Security and Privacy of Cyber-Physical Systems



Name Previous Position (year completed) Current Position
Mehrdad Rafiei Visiting Scholar (2022) Master Student at University of Bologna
Mattia Cersullo Visiting Scholar (2022) Master Student at University of Calabria
Kian Gheitasi PhD Student (2022) Engineering Consultant at Amaris
Shima Savehshemshaki Master Student (2020) Control system engineer at Nova Bus- Volvo
Ahmed Abdelwahab Master Student (2020) Cyber Security Analyst at Bell
Maryam Bagherzadeh Master Student (2020) Software Engineer at Segula Technologies
Dr. Walid Alqaisi Research Associated (2020) Professor position in Abu Dhabi
Cristian Tiriolo Visiting Scholar (2020) PhD Student at Concordia University
Mohsen Ghaderi Master Student (2019) Software Developer at Amdocs
Antonello Venturino Visiting Scholar (2019) PhD Student at Université Paris-Saclay and ONERA
Flavia Grandinetti Visiting Scholar (2019) Autonomous Driving Software Engineer at Stellantis


Name Affiliation
Dr. Giuseppe Franze University of Calabria (Italy)
Dr. Mario Sznaier Northeastern University (USA)
Dr. Bruno Sinopoli University of Washington at Saint Louis (USA) 
Dr. Domenico Famularo University of Calabria (Italy)
Dr. Francesco Tedesco University of Calabria (Italy)
Dr. Eugenio Castellan Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil)
Dr. Nicola Forti Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) NATO-STO
Dr. Luigi D'Alfonso GIPSTECH
Dr. Amr Youssef Concordia University (Canada)

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